How to create your site of pronos?

All questions and answers & case study on creating your sports betting site. Expert in creating a pronos site for 2 years and expert in website & web creation since 2013. We know the problem perfectly and can approach the subject with the experience we have.

Sports betting sites

It is true that there are more and more prognosticators who embark on the creation of sports betting sites. But the number of customers to view pronos is also increasingly important. There is a growing trend over the past few years and so there are laps of the place to launch. Beside the trend evolution curve with Google's google Trends tool.

Create a prono site that stands out

Create a site different from the others with a unique design, betsite offers design & modern ergonomics, compatible mobile tablet and smartphone. Use effective communication with influencers and especially through the system of affiliation & coupon reduction that we propose. Thus you will be able to propose your prognostic cheaper for a commercial launch or to have potential coupons to provide for the occasions like Christmas or launch of your site.

Affiliation paris sports site

Doing an affiliate management towards a bookmaker like unibet, bet sports, betclic .. allows you to receive a fixed commission or determined by the bookmaker in question about the member's investment made. It's a win / win way to increase your profitability. You can also go through who manages affiliation with a multitude of bookmakers to facilitate the process and centralize all your affiliations income. The management of affiliation on its site of pronos is sometimes more lucrative than the VIP space because indeed you allow the member to have his first paris refunded if he is a loser, at the same time you touch a commission and the bookmaker gains a member . So everyone can find it, hoping that your prognosis is the best possible.

Your sports betting tips

You can propose a history of your forecasts to justify your sports betting skills. There are several solutions, going through for example, or simply make a sheet google sheet. There is also the possibility of simply putting the prognoses by hand in a separate page. In any case justify the quality of your pronos you will be beneficial. 

Deadlines creation sports betting website

The time depends very much on our planning and orders in progress but generally count less than 3 weeks, customer returns are included. Alterations and modifications are included in the rates indicated. 

sA site easy to handle

Betsite provided a very simple site of use, without technical skills. Affordable for all, it will be enough to click on the elements to be modified so that you can publish their contents. No technical skills required. The maintenance of the site is simple because it is not a complex site as could be for a commercial site. Just update the plugin and wordpress core by clicking on the dedicated buttons.

VIP spaces that yield

The creation of a VIP area allows you to be very quickly profitable. The users who benefit from it are also happy to have the expertise of your forecasts. Access to the VIP area is done as a VIP member, access is privatized and renews automatically if the payment is validated. You have nothing to do because everything is automated. Once the payment of the subscriber received he is invited to register with his email and password that will allow him to visit the VIP page to view the forecasts.

VIP rates

Do not try to overcharge your customers, there is competition and you must have reasonable rates especially that you sell only the tips, considered a service and not a good. The expertise is therefore very subjective. Considering a tipster with a community of 100 loyal subscribers this allows for example to generate more than 1000 € per month just with subscriptions to 10 €. If your predictions are good and regular then you will be even more successful in the long run. The word of mouth also works very well.

Example of the report available in the backoffice to track earnings & profits.